How to sell tickets online better – and beat the competition in the Events market

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Selling tickets online can be a part of your business if you have the need to throw events often, but it can also be a full-on business on its own. If you want to run it as a standalone business, you need to make sure that you take care of a few crucial things that will help make that business more successful, so make sure to keep reading this article till the end because, in it, we are going to give you some tips that will help you sell tickets online with ease.

The first thing that you will have to focus on, of course, is your website. As with any online business, the website is the face of your brand and it will give people the first impression about your business and you definitely want it to be a good one. Having a very user friendly website is something that you should definitely focus on and you also need to make sure that the ticket information for the events that you are selling for are all very easy to find for the customers. Speed is also very important and slow websites are a huge reason why a lot of ecommerce businesses lose sales, so take some extra time and make sure that you have a fast site and a speedy checkout process.

Apart from making sure that your site is top-notch, if you want to sell tickets online you will have to have the right information about your business that will help you keep it at the top of its game. If you are using an ecommerce platform, like Shopify, then you will definitely have access to some really useful reports and analytics and you should always take advantage of them. Use them to find the drop-off points on your site and to see which of your strategies are working and which are only hurting your sales. Those tools were put in place in order to help you run your business smoothly, so use them.

Lastly, we are going to talk a bit more about how you can take care of your customers. Of course, a user friendly experience that is fast and simple is key, however there are also other steps you can take. Take advantage of the email addresses of customers and send them thank you notes after they purchase a ticket and gain their trust. Something else that you can do is send them newsletters about upcoming events that you will be selling tickets for and you can also send them short questionnaires that will make them feel involved, but it will also help you see what you can improve on your website.

Like any business, selling tickets online takes some time and work to get it started, but if you do everything right you will find that it can be pretty successful. We hope that you liked the article and that you are going to use the tips mentioned above to help yourself sell tickets online.


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