Selling tickets online has started to change dramatically over the last couple of years, especially with emerging ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces. So, are there any important aspects one should consider when thinking about entering this business market?

Selling tickets online today has turned into a virtualized mobile experience. The visitors no longer need to print their tickets bought online to enter an event. Did you know that the global event ticket selling market will reach $33.8 billion by the end of 2018?

Yes, and with the growth and popularity of ecommerce, online transactions, built-in fingerprint scanners, and QR codes, the online purchasers can safely get their tickets in just a few clicks on the mouse.

We must say that both customers and resellers benefit from the development of this industry. With the expansion of new technologies, ticket selling business will become more reliable and secure which will motivate the further segment advancement. The experts also predict that the average annual growth rate of the tickets sector within the next few years will be equal to 11% resulting in $51.3 billion of revenue worldwide in 2022.

Even though the music and sports event tickets are more expensive than cinema tickets, their popularity is growing. Today, everyone can purchase a ticket online and maybe this is one of the reasons why, in some situations, price doesn’t matter.

If you are interested in entering this highly competitive market and start selling tickets online, you need to learn more about the places where you can sell your tickets.

In this article, we will share the top 3 places where you can sell tickets online:

1. Gametime

Gametime is a marketplace that focuses on last-minute tickets that usually get discounted before the event. In other words, you can sell your tickets online right before the event starts. This allows users to purchase tickets at a lower price without the need to buy the tickets weeks or months ahead of time. The mobile app is also great. It helps users to find tickets for local events or up to 30 minutes after an event starts. Another great thing about the app is that users can easily resell paper tickets by taking a photo and upload it online.

2. StubHub

This is truly an innovative solution. It offers its customers the option to choose and purchase concert tickets through the Apple TV. We must say, this is one of the best places to sell tickets online. Apple TV is the way how this marketplace has enhanced the idea of offering the users detailed seat maps. The panoramic view will look better on a large TV display than on a smartphone. This is the way you should think when considering selling tickets online.

3. TicketMaster:

This is the leading ticket selling online service in the world. The mobile app focuses on assisting users to find and buy the best seats based on the price-vs-quality balance. One of the main benefits of the mobile application is that the mobile solution helps users purchase tickets faster by using push notifications and avoiding extra steps. Sometimes, a short period of time can be crucial when a user is trying to purchase a ticket for a high-demand and popular event. TicketMaster is a popular marketplace where people can sell and purchase tickets online or send the tickets to their friends.
Compare these 3 great places and decide where are you going to sell your tickets online.

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